Our Story

Since 1922 Michigan Bee Co. has endeavored to provide honey in its most virtuous form.  Each season our bees meander the rural areas of West Michigan sampling wildflowers such as Purple Cone Flower, Golden Rod and Clover to create this natural sweet treat.  Our honey is harvested with minimal heating and no filtering to ensure the antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals remain whole.  At Michigan Bee Co., we believe honey should be enjoyed just as a bee does - as Pure Raw Honey.


Guiding Principles

  • We will strive to be a learning apiculture company that  continuously instills sustainable apicultural practices in our day-to-day operations with an eye to the horizon on what will nurture our bees and our community seven generations from now.
  • We will demonstrate exceptional animal husbandry to our 90 Million team members...Our bees!
  • We will process our honey with rigor to ensure its quality, flavor and health benefits from our hives to you!
  • We are excited about bringing pure raw honey to you, to bake, ferment and savor every last drop!
  • We relish our role as a pollination company and will work to provide education and best practices on the benefits of all pollinators – including honey bees!

Honey Buzz

Obviously we think there is a lot of buzz about our Pure.Raw.Honey - but don't take our word for it....here is the buzz from our customers:

"Amore loves to use Michigan Bee Company's local honey in their authentic Italian recipes. Supporting local businesses is the best way to recycle money into the local economy!" 

- Chef Jenna, Amore Trattoria Italiana, Comstock Park, MI

We have been using Michigan Bee Co’s Honey for over a year now in both of our locations.  In our Bistro honey is used in desserts and on our dinner menu, one of our many applications is a jalapeño honey that we use on our Tostones-delicious!

At our café Michigan Bee Co supplied us with a table service bottle that our tea lovers can’t get enough of.  The quality of the honey is impeccable, the color and clarity is amazing. We did a side by side test with store bought honey and the taste difference was significantly better!  Michigan Bee Co has gone above and beyond with its service, the restaurant business is very unpredictable and they are always happy to help with our wants and needs.

- Dan Schneider, F&B Manager, San Chez Bistro & Cafe, Grand Rapids, MI

We have been using Michigan Bee Company honey in our beers for over a year now. We could not be more pleased with the flavor and aroma of their product or their excellent customer service.

- Adam Mills, Head Brewer, Cranker's Brewery, Big Rapids, MI



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